Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Kannada Rocking Star Yash was recently papped by fans in Mumbai streets while he stepped out of Hakim's Aalim Salon. Many of his fans got the golden opportunity to click selfies with the hunk while some were heartbroken after missing the opportunity.

Yash was seen in his iconic Rocky Bhai look with long hair and beard with dark sunglasses. The video explains that the Kannada star is not just ruling the hearts of youths, instead, he has a wide fan base across generations, as several kids also went frenzy to grab the moment with their favourite matinee idol. His 'wild' Rocky Bhai look is now considered as an 'iconic style' by the fans.

Later on Monday, another video streamed on social media in which Yash is seen capturing a selfie video while he was inside Hakim's Aalim Salon. While the KGF actor was seen capturing the shot on his mobile, he was assisted by celebrity hairdresser Hakim Aalim to blow his hair with a blower. Meanwhile, Yash was seen pampering his long beard and hair.

Kannada actor Yash rose to fame and got the much-needed attention of movie lovers across India with KGF Chapter 1. Yash's iconic character Rocky Bhai is currently a household name. The Rocky Bhai character helped him to build a fandom across the country as well as overseas. Every action movie lover is currently eagerly waiting for the release date of KGF Chapter 2, scheduled to release on April 14, 2022.

Meanwhile, fans are living in their own world of KGF and are expecting at least a small update on KGF Chapter 2 as the release date is a long way to go.

Every iconic star has his/her own fan base, and fans step a bit ahead to convey their loyalty. However, few of them grab the attention of many. One such fan of Yash has gone overboard to show his loyalty towards his idol.

In a viral video, a youth is seen with a tattoo of Yash on his chest. Probably, the unknown fan wants say show his love for Yash. Yash's image engraved on his chest is the look of the actor from KGF in which he has put on a sunglass and smoking a cigarette.