Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Rocking star Yash, despite being a Kannada actor is ruling the hearts of action movie lovers across the world. After portraying the character of Rocky Bhai in KGF series, the Kannada actor has become a household name by now. Apart from the movie's story, character portrayal and presentation, what clicked is the getup of each of the characters. And among all, Rocky's character and his getup with long hair and beard has become a trademark. 

Fans of the Rocking Star have been comparing his looks with "Babbar Sher", Lion,  who is known to be the most powerful and horrifying animal with a notable attitude. 

Fans have been comparing his Rocky Bhai look with Babbar Sher as his long hair and beard looks similar to a lion's mane with bushy hair around their face and neck. 

Recently, on Wednesday, Yash shared a video on his verified Instagram page, in which he is seen feeding a lioness. Rocky bhai is seen feeding the lioness without any barriers with his bare hands. 

Soon the video went viral and fans went on to comment "Lion meets Lion", "Sher ke Saath Sher" and several other similar comments. 



It is noteworthy to mention, since the release of KGF Chapter 1, fans have been comparing Yash's looks and attitude with that of a lion, who fearlessly moves in the jungle without worrying about the consequences. 

In KGF Chapter 1, Yash was seen confronting several gangsters. The first scene was about butchering Dilawar's henchmen, while the second was confronting Shetty. Even fans got elated when Rocky Bhai dared to confront Reena soon after arriving in Bengaluru. There are multiple scenes throughout the movie that confirms Rocky bhai as no less than a fearless and powerful Babbar sher.

KGF Chapter 2, scheduled to release on April 14, 2022, has been mounting anticipation among fans with each passing day. Meanwhile, fans are also eagerly waiting for an official update, trailer release or atleast a song from KGF 2 at the earliest.