Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

KGF Chapter 2 starring Rocking Star Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon among others has set new benchmarks in the Indian film industry. 

Written and directed by Prashanth Neel, the first installment of KGF franchise (KGF Chapter 1) was released in 2018 and after a long gap of over 3 years, its sequel (KGF 2) also hit theatres recently. And the wait for the second movie was worth it because of its most-awaited follow up story, tremendous action sequences, shooting sets, melodious songs, precise editing, marvellous acting, direction and all other technical aspects. 

However, a section of audience expressed disappointment saying that the makers have not been able to meet up to their expectations in some aspects. The particular section of audience said that they had even higher hopes from KGF 2 after watching KGF 1. 

Here we bring a list of things that the makers could have focused on to fill in the gaps in KGF 2 in comparison to KGF 1. 

Rocky & Reena's Romance

The chemistry between Rocky and Reena in Chapter 1 was quite entertaining. Rocky fell in love with Reena in the first meet and proposed to her. Throughout the movie, Rocky seemed to be concerned about Reena. Whenever the duo confronted each other, fans seemed to enjoy the moments a lot. By the end of the movie, Reena had developed much feelings for Rocky and even she dared to challenge Kamal (her fiancé). 

However, in the sequel, the duo got reintroduced under different circumstances in Narachi. At first, Rocky was pictured a selfish and mean man when he said Reena was meant for entertainment. The emotions of Rocky for Reena shown in chapter 1 didn't seem to continue in the sequel. Though later the duo came together and tied the nuptial knot, the chemistry between them didn't get clarity.

"I just loved the movie in every aspect and would certainly watch it once again in theatre. However, there are few things in the movie that I was expecting," said Sonali Kabi, a staunch admirer of KGF series.

Sonali added, "What I missed the most was romance between Rocky and Reena. I was expecting, the feelings that sprouted between the duo in Chapter 1 would bloom in a colourful way in the second movie, but romance between them lacked a lot though they got married."

Rocky's Humour 

In Chapter 1, Rocky was furious, violent and dangerous, however, his humour aspect also made many heads turn. Rocky was cool enough to crack funny statements in serious situations which the audience enjoyed a lot. On the other hand, in Chapter 2, Rocky seemed to be quite an indifferent character and was rarely seen smiling in the sequel.

"Rocky was shown to be selfish and mean in the sequel. If Rocky had feelings for Reena, then how could he mention her as 'entertainment'? Probably, the makers could have some reason behind showing Rocky in this way. Hopefully, this will be clarified in Chapter 3," said Sonali. 

Rocky was seen as a messiah or godly figure by the labourers in Narachi as he ended the reign of Garuda and his army. Undoubtedly, he revamped everyone's life and gave a new hope to everyone. But, his desire of becoming the richest and powerful man with selfishness was somehow unacceptable for many.

Item Number

The remake song 'Gali Gali' in Hindi version of Chapter 1 was a peppy number. Undeniably, every music lover enjoyed a lot while fans of Yash enjoyed his dance. Many were expecting a similar song in the sequel. While the rumours were abuzz that the Mehabooba will be a dance number, it turned out to be romantic track. 

"We can hope for some more entertainment in Chapter 3 in which we can relive the moments with old Rocky before his rise," said Sonali.

Musical Aspect

Both in Chapter 1 and 2, Ravi Basrur came up with some good tracks. However, 'Salam Rocky Bhai' has a different fan base. Though 'Toofan' had some similarities, many were expecting 'Salam Rocky Bhai 2.0' version. Well, the makers can compensate it by adding the second version with the same track but different notes in Chapter 3. 

Even many were expecting an introductory song for Adheera, but it never came.

Few Characters Went Missing In Sequel

Almost every character in Chapter 1 had a crucial role to play. While many prominent characters showed up in the sequel, few of them were missing. 

First of all, the lunatic who narrated stories to the labourers and their families in Chapter 1 was missing in Chapter 2. 

Secondly, the supervisor with glasses in Narachi who supervised the labourers was missing in the sequel. 

There might have been several others who went missing in the sequel or they might have been killed during the fight between Garuda's army and the labourers that broke out after Rocky slew Garuda. Probably, these could be revealed in Chapter 3.