Poonam Singh

Kangana Ranaut returned to Mumbai recently after an extended stay in Himachal Pradesh, making headlines not just for her professional reflections but also for a rumoured newfound connection. 

Recently, she hinted at contemplating a shift in her career trajectory, citing a perceived lack of market for films championing women's empowerment, taking a subtle jab at the criticism received by the film ‘Animal’ for its toxic masculinity.

In a rare public appearance captured by paparazzi, Kangana was spotted exiting a Mumbai salon hand-in-hand with a charismatic foreign companion. 

Adorning a printed blue dress and beige slippers, she exuded grace with dark sunglasses completing her look. 

The gentleman, dressed in a black shirt layered under a matching T-shirt, pants, and shoes, mirrored her smile as they strolled together.

The photograph sparked curiosity among fans, leading to inquiries about the mysterious man and speculations about Kangana's romantic life. 

Social media erupted with comments praising the couple's appearance, with fans expressing enthusiasm and support for the actress's newfound happiness.

One fan asked, “Who is he?” Another wrote, “Jijaji????” A third user said, “They look so good together.” While some of the fans took a dig at her and said she has found a Hrithik Roshan look alike. 

“She has tried to find Hritik lookalike,” said one. Another wrote, “It took her a long time to find someone who looks like Hrithik but she failed.”

Kangana, who has been vocal about her personal aspirations, had previously opened up about marriage, emphasizing the importance of timing in her life. 

Reflecting on her desire for a family, she affirmed her willingness to embrace matrimony when the right moment arrives. 

On the work front, Kangana will next be seen in period drama ‘Emergency’ in which she plays the role of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Kangana is also set to reunite with R Madhavan for an upcoming psychological thriller.