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Kangana Ranaut recently shared her musings on the enchanting allure that surrounds actors when they step out in public.

In a heartfelt expression on her Instagram Stories, the acclaimed actress beautifully captured the phenomenon of fans feeling a sense of "small miracle" and joy whenever they encounter an actor in various settings.

According to Kangana, the magic of being an actor is evident in the spontaneous and unexpected smiles that light up the faces of people at airports, lounges, aircraft, shops, restaurants, and even while strolling down the streets. She poetically described it as if the glamorous world of cinema collided with their mundane lives, leaving behind a haze of stardust. 

Kangana acknowledged the profound impact actors have on fans, recounting moments of twinkling eyes, tears, and attempts at capturing the moment through selfies.

In her reflective words, Kangana delved into the intriguing experience of feeling the sparkle of her own presence through the eyes of admirers, emphasizing the surreal nature of the connection between celebrities and their audience. 

Kanganas Insta StoryKanganas Insta Story

“The best thing about being an actor is whenever people see you at the airport in the lounge, in the aircraft or even in a shop, restaurant, simply strolling around in the streets, their faces light up with a big unexpected smile as if a small miracle has happened, as if a good omen has bestowed upon them, as if the glamorous world of the celluloid has collided with their mundane life leaving a haze of stardust, they often smile with twinkling eyes, sometimes even cry at times, fumble with their words or shake with their attempts at selfies, suddenly you too feel the sparkle of your own presence through their eyes and wonder what exactly happening and what is the most appropriate way to be, it's impossible to be in control of that which isn't even there," Kangana said.

"The myth of a cinema star is the sweetest lie ever, I wonder and wonder at this silly business of smiles and tears,” she added

On the work front Kangana will next be seen in period drama ‘Emergency,’ where she embodies the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Additionally, she teased an untitled pan-India psychological thriller film alongside actor R Madhavan, directed by Vijay, who previously helmed Kangana's film ‘Thalaivii.’