Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The excitement for Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna ’s upcoming action-packed movie ‘Pushpa: The Rule ’ is quite high among fans. With the first installment, Pushpa: The Rise, Icon Star and National Crush drove movie lovers crazy. With the thumping success of the movie, the Tollywood actor went on to grab the eyeballs of movie lovers in the Hindi belt. 

Apart from the storyline, the punch lines, actions, swag, songs and hook steps drove movie lovers crazy. The Telugu movie written and directed by Sukumar was dubbed into several other languages including Hindi. 

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By now, fans who watched the Hindi-dubbed version are well aware that Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade dubbed the voice for Allu Arjun in Hindi. Several punch lines from the Hindi version went on to become popular. 

‘Pushpa Jhukega Nahi’ and 'Flower nahi, fire hai main’ are the favourites of movie buffs. But, did you know, these are not the exact translation of the Telugu punch lines?

Yes, the Hindi translations of the Telugu dialogues were modified. Shreyas made the shocking revelation during an interview with The Free Press Journal.

During the interview, Shreyas revealed that they had to make a lot of improvisation of the original dialogues while dubbing in Hindi. 
As per the actor, the original translation of the Telugu dialogue was ‘Pushpa jayega nahi’. 

“But, to make it more impactful, we made it ‘Pushpa jhukega nahi’ and the next thing you know, it has become a rage,” the actor was quoted as saying.

Similarly, another dialogue in the Hindi-dubbed version was ‘Flower nahi, fire hai main’. This dialogue did not exist in the Telugu movie. 

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The actor added, “Instead of literal translation, we improvised it into something that retained the essence of the character while going memorable for the audience.”

Well, this is something exciting revealed by Shreyas, whose voice made an impactful impression in the minds of movie lovers who watched Pushpa: The Rise in Hindi.