Cassian Baliarsingh

“I feel like if you’re wanting to have breakup s*x, you’re probably gonna hit each other up next week. There’s still something there. Do it until it’s out of your system,” said Senorita fame singer Camila Cabello.

Speaking at ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, the popular American singer and songwriter maintained that there was nothing wrong in breakup s*x. The former girlfriend of singer Shawn Mendes expressed openness to the idea of ‘breakup s*x’ if the partners are plodding through an emotional pool.

“Date him, until you hate him,” advocated Camila further commenting on the forbidden desire.

She stated, “And like I said, I’m sorry, I’m a proponent. I don’t believe in the forbidden fruit – if you want it, just do it. Kinda like ‘date him until you hate him’ vibe. I don’t actually hate anybody but I’m saying do it until it’s out of your system.”


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During the podcast, Camila further went on to add that her viewpoint may differ from her friends and others and said, “You’re still entertaining somebody, while there could be somebody better out there for you.”

Camila also opened up on her breakup and reconciliation with fellow singer Shawn Mendes. Despite several ups and downs in their relationship, she expressed care and love for Mendes. They initially parted ways in November 2021 and were once again smooching each other at Coachella in April 2023 only to breakup once again in June.

Their love affair began after they collaborated for the very popular ‘I love it when you call me Senorita’ song. The duo looked adorable and much in love with each other. However, the much talked about relationship was short-lived.