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News Highlights

  • Ektaa Kapoor shared the teaser of her upcoming movie The Sabarmati Report recently.
  • The movie is based on the horrific Godhra massacre that took place 22 years ago.

Ektaa Kapoor, who is more popularly known as the Czarina of Indian television, recently shared the teaser of her upcoming movie “The Sabarmati Report.” The movie will be released 22 years after the horrific incident of the Godhra massacre took place.

In her post on X, the famous film producer has refrained from calling the incident as a massacre. Rather she has referred to the killings of 59 innocent Hindus as the “train burning incident.”

In her social media post, Ektaa has penned, “Paying homage to the 59 innocent people who lost their lives in the Godhra train burning incident 22 years ago, today. Presenting ‘The Sabarmati Report’, in cinemas on 3rd May 2024.”

From the lead actors Vikrant Massey and Ridhi Dogra to the entire team of The Sabarmati Report, everyone has referred to the incident as the train burning incident.

Many social media users are very much upset with Ektaa Kapoor and her team for watering down a serious incident like Godhra massacre that killed 59 innocent Hindus that also included children and women who were reportedly burned down to death.

However, many other users congratulated her for making a movie on this controversial topic as there was a time when no one even dared to discuss it openly. A few users who were witness to this incident have also shared their opinion and lauded the efforts of Ektaa Kapoor for bringing this almost a taboo topic into the limelight.

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Similar to The Kerala Story and The Kashmir Files, this movie from Ektaa also is expected to trigger a lot of uproar.

The teaser introduces Vikrant Massey as the newsreader who is reading the news about the Godhra massacre on television and strongly objects to calling it burning of train incident. With strong actors like Vikrant Massey and Ridhi Dogra playing the lead, fans have high expectations from this movie made on one of the most controversial and dreadful incidents ever to occur in India.