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TV serial ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ has taken a leap, introducing Hitesh Bhardwaj as the new male lead, Rajat Thakkar. 

After Shakti Arora's exit as Ishaan, Hitesh took over. Bhavika Sharma now plays Savi, living with Ishaa and her husband, technically her in-laws.
Ishaa is determined to get Savi married again. Due to an incident before the leap, Savi cannot conceive, creating a significant problem. 

Savi and Rajat are now neighbours but haven't started on a good note. Adding to the drama, Rajat's ex-wife, Ashika has returned. Rajat keeps his distance from his daughter, Saisha, as she reminds him of Ashika. 

In today's episode, it is revealed that Ashika left Rajat and called for a divorce. Despite his love for her, she left him, leading Rajat's mother to call Ashika 'shameless.' 

Later, Rajat attends an event where he sees a shampoo advertisement featuring Ashika. 

Ansh shows up, commenting that Ashika was always out of Rajat's league and that he did not deserve her. Rajat retorts that her departure brought him good luck.

In the upcoming episode, Rajat and Ashika may come face-to-face. Rajat harbours a lot of anger and frustration towards her. 

Reports from JustShowbiz.com suggest that Ashika, happy with her rich husband, will mock Rajat over his single status. Rajat might lie, claiming he has someone in his life. Will Savi come to his rescue and pretend to be his partner? Could this bring them closer?

Currently, Rajat views Savi and her mother Ishaa as 'gold diggers.' This misunderstanding needs to be resolved. Fans are eager to see if Savi and Rajat will overcome their differences and if Savi will help Rajat in his confrontation with Ashika.

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