Poonam Singh

In the latest episode of the popular TV serial 'Anupamaa', the Shah household celebrates Titu's successful integration as a son-in-law. Baa graciously distributes wedding return gifts, and the atmosphere brims with happiness.

Amidst this, Anuj makes a surprise appearance with Aadhya. The judge of the Super Chefs show arrives, returning Anu's trophy and restoring her dignity.

Following this uplifting moment, Yashdeep receives news that Spice and Chutney can finally reopen. He urges Anu to return to America promptly. However, to everyone's surprise, Anu declares her intention to stay in India.

She expresses her desire to support struggling women and vows to make a difference in their lives. Anuj, taken aback by her decision, tries unsuccessfully to convince her that she can pursue her philanthropic endeavours from the States.

Meanwhile, Aadhya, who has previously expressed resentment towards Anupama, finds solace in her mother's decision. Aadhya's support for Anu's choice reveals her deep-seated feelings about her father's affection for Anupama and her reluctance to accept anyone else in her mother's place.

On the other hand, a promo teases fans with an upcoming leap in the storyline. Anuj Kapadia's mental health deteriorates drastically after Anu leaves him, leading to his confinement in an asylum. Meanwhile, Anu embarks on a new chapter by establishing an NGO for senior citizens, setting the stage for intriguing developments in the narrative.

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