Cassian Baliarsingh

When she was born in a tiny village, just 100 km away from Shimla, little did anyone ever imagine that she would one day become a Bollywood star with her debut in an Aamir Khan film. Like every normal people, her parents wanted her to study well, get married and settle down in life.

However, dreams do come true when you work hard for it and actress Pratibha Ranta has proved it. The actress, who is winning hearts in Kiran Rao’s ‘Laapataa Ladies’, as Pushpa Rani and Jaya is both flower and fire.

The love that she is getting has compensated for all the struggle she had to go through to convince her parents to let her go to Mumbai, struggle alone in the city of dreams, failed auditions, and lonely nights. The struggling journey of Pratibha, the girl with no godfather in the film industry to bagging an Aamir Khan produced film as her debut, is inspirational in all angles.

According to a report in Indian Express, Pratibha’s parents live in a village 100 km away from Shimla called Rodo, where they look after their apple orchids. Her parents feared no one would marry her if she became an actress. However, Pratibha always wanted her childhood hobby of acting to turn into her passion.

She looked up to Preity Zinta, who also comes from Himachal. On the other hand, her parents turned her wish to move to Mumbai with, ‘Sabki kismat Preity Zinta jaisi nahin hoti’ dialogue. Despite a clear no from her family, Pratibha was sure that acting was her call.

After Class 12, she got an admission for BA in Filmmaking in Mumbai University. Luckily, her elder sister, a NIIFT graduate, got a job in Andheri and Pratibha moved in with her sister.

After much struggle, she bagged her first TV show Qurbaan Hua within six months of her arrival in Mumbai. Luckily, the TV industry made her financially independent. 

When she watched Dangal, Pratibha wished if she could be launched in an Aamir Khan film. Years later, Kiran Rao spotted her and rest is history.