Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Rishab Shetty revealed his vision behind creating the Kantara world at the IFFI54 recently.
  • He also said that he is not like other stars who leave Kannada film industry after giving one superhit.

Rashmika Mandanna received a lot of flak last year after saying no when asked whether she watched the Kannada superhit Kantara. Rashoo made her debut in the film industry with a Sandalwood film titled Kirik Party.

It was one of the highest-grossing Kannada movies of that year and since then she has been doing mostly Telugu, Tamil, and now Bollywood films.

Ditto with Prashanth Neel who started off with two Kannada big hits KGF Chapter 1 and KGF2 and now has moved on to directing Prabhas in Telugu film Salaar Part 1: The Ceasefire. And it is not surprising because both Rashmika Mandanna and Prashanth Neel have earned their fame and name with hard work and talent.

So if they are getting offers from other regional production houses then they are sure to go ahead and embrace them and keep on moving.

However, that does not seem to be a part of Kantara fame Rishab Shetty’s career plan. He revealed his vision behind creating the Kantara world and shared deep insights into his plans at the recently held IFFA54 press conference.

The actor and director said that despite getting tempting offers from different languages as well as from pan-Indian banners he has decided to firmly stick to Kannada films.

He even extended thanks to the Sandalwood audience for making his efforts successful. But his discussion took a sour turn when Rishab Shetty stated that he is not like other Kannada stars who shift to other industries after getting one superhit.

And fans are well aware of who Rishab is talking about. He is indeed indirectly taunting Rashoo and Prashanth Neel but it has not gone down well with fans of Indian cinema. Most of the netizens have said that now with the overall Indian cinema unifying and every artist working in different languages, this distinction of regional, South, or Bollywood cinema is unacceptable.

A few social media users have said that taunting other artists who are working and exploring themselves in other regional movies is not fair now as the industry is evolving at a rapid pace today much more than ever before.