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  • in Dhadkan Zindaggi Ki, Dr. Vikrant seems to be behaving as if following a plan.
  • He is trying his best to let everyone know about his connection with Dr.Deepika.

In Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii, a love triangle seems to be slowly coming up between Dr.Vikrant, Dr. Deepika, and Dr.Abhay Sathe. While Abhay dumped Sia for Deepika, he has now come to know that she is instead of having an affair with Dr. Vikrant who recently made a comeback to the hospital after going through detox for drug addiction.

Vikrant and Deepika are old lovers who are now face-to-face after a gap of 10 years. When Deepika comes to know about Vikrant’s addiction, she registers him in rehab but soon takes him back to her home because the rehab center’s head is against Vikrant and is not treating him well.

A decade ago, Deepika refused to marry Vikrant despite loving him immensely because she did not want to compromise on her aspirations of becoming a surgeon.

And now it seems Dr. Vikrant still holds grudges against her and is secretly planning to ruin her career. Vikrant is now married to Dr.Aditi but he purposely keeps it a secret from his wife that he is staying with Deepika during detox which Deepika is dead against.

Moreover, he also on his own tells the head of the hospital that he was detoxing for his drug addiction and Dr. Deepika was fully aware of it.

It seems, he did this intentionally so that Deepika’s image in front of Dr. Chakraborty, who is her mentor, gets maligned. As expected, Dr. Chakraborty is quite upset with Dr. Deepika for hiding such a thing from him and warns her that if this happens again, he may not be able to help save her career.

Even in front of Dr. Ashwin or Dr. Sathe, he keeps on behaving as if he is very close to Deepika.

Dr.Vikrant even threatens Dr. Sathe that if he does not stay away from Deepika, he will do everything to ruin Sathe’s life.

If Vikrant continues to behave in this way, it is surely going to cost Dr. Deepika her much-earned reputation as a leading surgeon in a reputed hospital.

It seems in Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii, Vikrant is working on a plan to ruin Deepika’s career because she turned him down 10 years ago for it.

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