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  • Deepika and Ranbir continued to be good friends even after their breakup.
  • The two have worked together in a few movies after moving on with other partners.

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor’s dating history has been known to almost every Bollywood fan. Importantly, the fact that the two ex-lovers continued to work together and delivered some good movies even after their breakup is something that was always appreciated. They continued to be good friends and it was quite evident that they did not carry any baggage about their past whenever Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor came together on any platform for an event or to promote their movies.

The fact that the two shared a very good bond was once again evident when an old clip from one of their promotions resurfaced on the web. The clip shows Ranbir Kapoor saying, “Deepika ke andar na ek badi si cheap girl basi hui hai. You know you can really talk naughty with her, you can really get very cheeky with her, and she responds very well. You know she responds in a more cheeky way. Agar aap usko ungli karoge na toh woh chodegi nahi. Woh aur ungli karegi. You know that type of girl ke aap usko chidaoge aur woh sulk karegi aur kuch. Nahi, woh vapas degi.”

Ranbir added, “And even Imtiaz also said this. He realised this during Love Aaj Kal. First he used to talk to her and she used to be very shy and demure. Woh direction deta tha aur badi badi sahemi sahemi karti thi. But usko idea aya ki agar mein usko kuch cheaply bolunga na toh her eyes lit up. So she responds to cheapness very well. So next time you see her, road pe ya kahi gujar rahi hai toh cheap tarike se ‘Eh Padukone’ bulana.”

Ranbir : Deepika is a cheap girl
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Deepika Padukone who first was astonished and later on started smiling as the Animal continued to reveal how cheap she was said, “How would you be cheap with me?” Ranbir said, “Can’t be in front of the camera. But I can say that she is a very cheap girl. Cheapness bhara hua hai, cheapness ki dukan hai yeh.”