Poonam Singh

The Biggest K-pop band BTS is popular all over the world for its music and seven members who are the soul group. BTS's leader RM aka Kim Namjoon, who is celebrating his birthday today, has proved to be a great leader and has been leading the septet since their debut days. 

But do you know that RM was once asked to leave the boy band and go solo by Bang Si-hyuk (also known as Bang PD), the founder of Big Hit Entertainment. However, it was all a part of a prank by Bang PD and other members. Namjoon was given a choice to leave BTS and go solo stating as he was not being able to lead the band, but RM didn't bail out on his team members and said that he still wanted to be a part of the BTS and will work hard in future, which showed his true leadership quality.

During the early days of BTS, as a part of a prank on Mnet's 4 Things Show, Bang PD had called RM to his office for an impromptu meeting, where RM was pulled up for various reasons.

In the video, a nervous RM can be seen walking into a room where Suga and J-Hope were already seated for the meeting with Bang PD. While other BTS members were watching from another room. As soon as, RM entered the room, Bang PD started blasting RM for not being serious in producing music. He also accused the BTS leader of slacking off. 

RM was shocked and tried to reason with Bang PD, however, he lectured him and scolded him saying do you think that if he is only producing music. To prove his point, Bang PD turned to Suga and J-Hop, questioning how many songs they've produced. To this, Suga responded three while J-Hope answered that he was working on one at that point. Following this, Bang PD suggested RM go solo as 'you don't need the team'. He said, “If you're going to be like this, why don't you just go solo?” 

Bang PD then questioned Namjoom if he will be okay without going solo. To which RM said, “Yes”. Reaffirming Bang PD again asked RM, "You're not wanting to go solo are you?" RM replied, “Yes”. 

“Let me ask you again, solo or Bangtan Boys?” further questioned Bang PD. To which, RM replied instantly, 'Bangtan'.

On this point, RM was informed that it was a prank. Other BTS members, who were watching it in another room, also rushed to see if RM was crying. 

In the post-prank interview, RM said, "I was not aware (of the hidden camera) at all. They acted really well."

(Edited By Pradeep Singh)