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Music is considered to be an universal language as it transcends all language, borders, space, time barriers to touch hearts of people around the globe. Music is known to have healing touch and have used  in therapy as a note of music can stimulate hope, happiness and calmness. 

The greatest reward for a musician or artiste is that if his/her music can impact someone’s life positively and give them hope. Popular K-Pop Band BTS have been impacting the lives of many with their musics, having powerful messages about mental health, bullying and self love.

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In one such incident, BTS’ Music, especially BTS member Jin’s Epiphany, reportedly helped change the life of an Autistic kid of Mexico.

Recently, Mexican national TV made a touching report about a boy named Arturito and how Jin’s Epiphany changed and impacted his life.

According to an allkpop report, Arturito was diagnosed with autism, epilepsy, and other illnesses due to which he was sensitive towards noise.

“He used to have terrible autistic spectrum crises when any noise was making him scared and anxious; he was covering his ears, biting and hurting himself,” said Aurito’s mother.



However, one day Arturito started singing "Epiphany" by Jin, which he had heard once. The song helps him calms down and makes him feel safe and comfortable, said Aurito’s mom.

She also revealed that Arturito loves watching "Epiphany" MV, and while watching it he sings along it and touches and kisses the screen that shows Jin's face. He has now become one of the biggest fan of Jin & BTS

Notably, Jin aka Kim Seokjin is a member of the popular Korean boy band BTS. He is popular among fans as 'Worldwide Handsome' for his beautiful face and handsome look. ARMY also refer to him as the ' King of Muggles' as  he is the hugest attractor of locals.

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