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Japanese Baseball player Dai Yuasa is garnering attention for his uncanny resemblance to BTS's V. People are going gaga over his pictures due to his resemblance to V aka Taehyung.

Dai Yuasa is a professional baseball player who plays for the Yomiuri Giants In Japan as an infielder. His baseball skills are impressive and amazing but his good looks have made a trending topic on the internet.   

Yuasa's name become a hot topic among BTS ARMY after some pointed his resemblance to Taehyung. 

Various Korean online communities have been flooded with comparisons between the two. However, some fans have disagreed with the similarities- some netizens said Yuasa looks like an older cousin of V, however in real life he is younger than V.

Netizens have drawn similarities between them like both of them have large, deep eyes even though they had no double eyelids. In addition, the high nose, sharp jawline, and cool lips are also similar.

Dai Yuasa was born in 2000 while V was born in 1995. The baseball player is 4 years younger than the BTS Member. 









Here are some of the comments of netizens on Dai Yuasa and V, according to a report of koreaboo.

"He might be able to pass as V's cousin??"

"When he smiles, they look similar"

"He looks like V from a few years back and not the V we know now. His eyes and his forehead area has similar vibes"

"I don’t think they look alike. They have maybe a slight similarity but that’s it. I think he looks like Roy Kim actually.”

DISCLAIMER: The article is a compilation of what the netizens thinks, post and satire & rumours doing the rounds on the particular subject. The ideas expressed here in no way reflect the view of Odishatv.in.

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