Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

BTS is one of the most popular K-pop bands. The seven-member boy band is known for its dynamic performances, innovative music, impactful lyrics, and global appeal. BTS is the world's biggest K-pop group, and their dedicated fan base has helped establish them as a global phenomenon.

However, it seems, the craze has subdued a bit as the members currently serve the South Korean Military. As per the latest reports, BTS has been dethroned by the rookie group in the reputation chart ranking.

As per a report in Hindustan Times, recently, the Korean Business Research Institute unveiled the January K-pop reputation rankings list for singers. And, to everyone’s surprise, BTS has now slipped to the second-to-last position in the list of top 10.
The ranks were determined by examining the media coverage, consumer interaction, participation, and community awareness indices of the singers. The big data was gathered between December 27, 2023, and January 27, 2024.

As per the updated chart ranking, BLACKPINK secured the 10th position while BTS slipped down to the 8th spot. Meanwhile, soloists have claimed the top position and the rookie group New Jeans secured the third spot.

Probable reason behind the decline of BTS ranking

The probable reason behind the decline of BTS ranking could be their temporary hiatus from music-making during their service in the military. Currently, all the seven members comprising Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, RM, V, and Suga, are fulfilling their military service. But, it is speculated that the return of the oldest member, Jin, in June 2024, will once again increase their ranking.

On the other hand, the rookie girl group New Jeans under ADOR is gaining popularity. The five-member group comprising Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Hyein, and Haerin has been gaining popularity for their charming girl-next-door image. The rookie group has secured the third position, trailing just behind Seventeen.

While BLACKPINK has not shown any signs of a comeback yet despite renewing its group contract with YG Entertainment, with a brand reputation rating of 7,709,715 in January, Lim Young Woong remained at the top of the list.