Cassian Baliarsingh

Bigg Boss 17 contestant Munawar Faruqui has been receiving loads of love planning for his game on the reality show. He is being considered as one of the smartest and the mastermind of the show. He is handling all the situations very maturely and understanding others.

Despite his good performance in the show, he has now landed in trouble for his relationship. After his closeness with another contestant Mannara Chopra, sister of Priyanka Chopra, now Munawar has been accused of two-timing his girlfriend Nazila Sitaishi with internet sensation Ayesha Khan.

The serious allegations were brought against Munawar by Ayesha Khan herself. Speaking on a podcast, Ayesha revealed how Munawar texted her saying there is a music video in which he wants to cast her. She said she agreed because she knew him and it started with hi, hello thing.

However, the music video never happened and he reportedly tried to propose to her. Ayesha further revealed that she also started falling for him slowly. When she asked about his relationship with Nazila, he had cheated that they had broken up.

However, Ayesha later came to know that he was still with Nazila and was two-timing with her. Later, Ayesha called up Nazila and informed her about how Munawar was cheating the two of them.

Soon after Nazila also shared a cryptic post and wrote, “One thing I wish more people knew is that everything isn’t how it seems online. Nobody is as pure and morally correct as they pretend to be the reality will take you by surprise. This is why they usually say never meet your idols because in most cases the way you perceive them is very different from how they are so don’t be fooled by what you see online or on TV.”

However, Munawar has yet to respond to the serious allegations of Ayesha and Nazila’s cryptic post.