Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Malini is upset because of Aradhana and does not want her to disrupt the lives of her daughters.
  • But she will be shocked when Bhakti reveals the truth about Aradhana.

In Barsatein: Mausam Pyaar Ka Aradhana is doing everything possible so that everyone considers her an enemy including her stepsister Kimaya, her boyfriend Reyansh, and her biological mother Mimi. Things are going out of the hands of Aradhana as Reyansh in his bid to take revenge from Viren for his involvement with his mother Kadambari has indeed turned into a toxic person.

Kimaya who is the stepsister of Aradhana is engaged to Reyansh and is happy to get married to him but she is not aware that Reyansh has been in love with Aradhana for long. His main intention in coming to Dehradun is to find Aradhana and help her find her biological mother. Kimaya is unaware of Reyansh’s intention but is frustrated after she sees his closeness to Aradhana and takes sleeping pills and dies. Reyansh tries to revive Kimaya but does not succeed.

Elsewhere Mimi aka Malini is upset

Malini is upset because of Aradhana and does not want her to disrupt the lives of her daughters. That is why she decides to through Aradhana out of the house. She tries to slap Aradhana but the latter’s foster mother, Bhakti Sahni comes in between and reveals to Mimi that she is the mother of Aradhana and the reason why things have gone so berserk.

Mimi is shocked to learn this and is very upset and becomes sentimental after she comes to know how harshly she has treated her own daughter. Elsewhere, Viren and Kadambari’s affair will now come to the fore. Mimi will learn how her husband has been involved with Reyansh’s mother in the past and that is the reason he is marrying Kimaya.

Death of Kimaya, revelations about Aradhana , and Viren’s affair are going to take center stage in Barsatein: Mausam Pyaar Ka. It would be interesting to watch whether this storm will bring Reyansh and Aradhana closer or will once again break their hearts.