Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Barbie and Oppenheimer are two big releases of Hollywood and have headlined soon after hitting the theatres. Though the hype around the movies remains high in India, both have landed in controversies. While Oppenheimer received flak for an intimate scene where Cillian Murphy can be seen reading Bhagavad Gita, now, the makers of Barbie were slammed by TV actress Juhi Parmar.

Juhi went to watch Barbie with her daughter 10-year-old Samairra. However, the actress was shocked and disappointed after watching the movie. She walked out of the theatre after 10 minutes. Not just Juhi and her daughter, there were several other parents who walked out of the theatre.
Juhi took to Instagram to slam the makers of Barbie and penned down a long post narrating the ordeal. 

Her post read: Dear Barbie, I start with owning up to my mistake, I took my 10-year-old daughter Samairra to watch your film without researching the fact that it was a “PG-13” movie. 10 minutes into the movie, inappropriate language, sexual connotations and I was anxiously running out of the theatre wondering what had I just exposed my child to. She had been waiting to watch your film and here I was just shocked, disappointed and heartbroken with what I had just exposed her to. I was the first one to walk out of the movie within 10/15 minutes and by the time I reach out, I saw other parents following with their little ones crying. (sic) 

Further, the actress slammed the makers for using language and content in the film, which are inappropriate even for children aged 13 and above. 

On the second page of her post, she recounted her childhood days when she used to have Barbie dolls and how Barbie holds an important part in everyone’s life. 

Well, in her post, Juhi slammed the makers as well as the theatre owners for not alerting parents about the inappropriate content for children. 

Moreover, the actress also slammed Hindi filmmakers. She wrote: Half of our Hindi movies have so much inappropriate content, at least you were labelled Pg-13, our Hindi movies aren’t and then parents end up exposing their kids to content like rape, suicides, sexual connotations and whatnot. (sic) 

Lastly, the actress questioned the makers of Barbie: WHY DID YOU BREAK THE PERFECT ILLUSION OF BARBIE? Why make Barbie inappropriate for kids and a pg-13 movie rather than one that everyone could enjoy with family. I wish I could erase the memory of this film and continue believing in a picture-perfect Barbie for my child who has a collection of yours and loves you so much. (sic)