Poonam Singh

Renowned filmmaker Atlee, who gained nationwide acclaim with ‘Jawan’, sparked speculation about a potential sequel to the Shah Rukh Khan starter. The action thriller proved to be a massive success, breaking records and captivating audiences with its compelling plot, thrilling action scenes, its melodious songs, and stellar performances.

In a recent appearance at an ABP event, Atlee shared insights into his plans for the future, including the possibility of a sequel to 'Jawan'.

Addressing inquiries from the media, Atlee expressed uncertainty regarding 'Jawan 2', stating, "I am not sure about it." However, he affirmed his commitment to delivering fresh and surprising content, suggesting that while sequels are a possibility for his films, he prefers to offer audiences new and diverse experiences. 

He asserted, "I will write something, I will surprise. Every film had a chance of coming up with a sequel but I always surprise the audience with more, different content. So, I will come up with something. Let’s see."

Regarding a potential collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan again, Atlee expressed eagerness, affirming, "Of course, there is no denial. We will work together."

He emphasized that the details of their next project are in the hands of Shah Rukh Khan.

Reflecting on their previous collaboration, Atlee praised Khan's dedication and professionalism, describing him as a joy to work with and a visionary in the industry. He stated, "It was great. He was the most fun person, emotionally driven to work with, and a visionary with being very punctual. He is very in how a film should be made and is the Bible of my cinema, for sure."

Currently, Atlee is embarking on a new venture, collaborating with Varun Dhawan for ‘VD 18’, marking their first collaboration, which he will co-produce alongside Murad Khetani.

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