Cassian Baliarsingh

Actress and popular model Poonam Pandey, who was presumed dead due to cervical cancer, has announced on social media that she is very much alive. She claimed that she faked her demise to create awareness on cervical cancer.

However, her action has not gone well with fans and social media users who slammed the ‘Nasha’ fame actress online. Many even demanded that the actress be arrested for such unethical acts on social media.

While the actress is standing up for a noble cause and deserves all the respect, the ‘method of fake death’ is highly condemnable. Angry netizens slammed her for playing with the emotions of her fans and called her PR campaign the worst ever. Many even called her out for her ‘sick mentality’.

“How shameless can someone be to stay in limelight they do stupid stuff. Poonam Pandey is the biggest fraud, she is alive 😭😂😭,” a user shared.

Another user wrote, “This is the worst PR campaign ever. Such a sick mentality, playing with people's emotions by faking death is not cool at all.”

“I m happy that she is alive but this is not the way to give awareness about cervical Cancer or any other diseases!🙂🤡,” another fan wrote.

“I was feeling bad and sad for people who were commenting shit but today u deserve it. You should be arrested,” another user commented.

Another fan wrote, “Unimaginable to even think how is it okay to make a mockery of death especially those having lost their lives to a terminal illness and belittling the gravity of the disease. Stooped to an all time low.”