Cassian Baliarsingh

The news of the untimely demise of reality TV actress and model Poonam Pandey has left everyone shocked and befuddled. Her family has gone incommunicado and not revealing details of her last rites or mortal remains.

Her last Instagram post was a video of her attending an event in Goa and she looked healthy with no signs of any physical weakness or mental distress. Her bodyguard, Amin Khan, told the media that he has been left shocked by the news. He shared that he had tried to contact her sister but got no response from her. Khan also divulged that Pandey's family home in Kanpur is locked. He told the media that she always looked fit and fine and never shared anything about her health.

A video of the actress in which she claimed to be bringing along a piece of "big news" has also surfaced on the Internet.
She said in the video, "Aapke saamne ek itna bada news aane wala hai. Mujhe bahut accha lagta hai logon ko surprise karna."

"Jab wo samajhte hain ki yeh sudhar rahi hai, tab mujhe surprise karna aur bhi accha lagta hai. Toh ek bahut hi bada news aapke saamne aane wala hai (I will share a big news soon. I like to surprise people, especially when people think I am changing, I like to surprise them even more. So, I am going to share some big news soon)."

However, it is still not clear about what video Poonam is talking. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss 17 winner Munawar Faruqui, who was a friend of Pandey, demanded a thorough investigation into her sudden death. He expressed shock and argued that he felt there was some foul play.

“I heard about Poonam and am unable to process this. She was a very good human. Uska heart bahut sahi tha. Main usko ache se jaanta hoon. Yeh sunke maine bahut ajeeb feel kiya, process nahi kar paa raha hoon, sach nahin hai yeh,” Munawar said.

On the other hand, people in her housing society, the Park in the Oshiwara area of Mumbai, said the actress hasn't been at her home for the last two days and no movement has been seen in it. Throughout the day, there has been no sign of any activity inside or outside her building. 

A security guard at the housing society told IANS, "She hasn't been home for two days. Her driver last went out of the building around 3:45 p.m. today (Friday)."

Reports from Pune also suggest that there is no movement in or around her home in that city. It was then rumoured that she had gone to Kanpur where she passed away.
(With input from IANS)