Poonam Singh

One of the popular TV dramas ‘Anupamaa,’ featuring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna has been garnering a lot of interest from the audience lately because of its current storyline.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers can expect an exciting turn of events, with Shruti confronting Anupama and later stressing that she will never reunite with Anuj as Choti Anu aka Adhya hates her.

In the latest episodes, Shruti was heartbroken after discovering Anuj's true feelings for Anupama. In the upcoming episode, the spotlight shifts to Shruti, who is set to confront Anupama, seeking answers about the enduring love between Anuj and Anupama despite their five-year separation.

Shruti, portrayed by Sukirti Kandpal, is determined to understand the depth of Anuj and Anupamaa's connection. Fuelled by a sense of unease, she confronts Anupama with questions about the nature of their relationship and how Anupama managed to win Anuj's heart and sustain his love over the years. 

Simultaneously, in another storyline, Vanraj's professional and personal worlds collide when Tapish, is appointed as the company's brand ambassador as Tapish declares his intention to marry Dimpy, leading to further chaos.

Adding to the complexity, Toshu intervenes, urging Anuj to move on from his past with Anupama, citing her growing closeness to her boss as a reason for detachment. 

In the next episode, viewers can anticipate a heartbroken Shruti suddenly deciding to leave Anuj and Aadhya, shocking the latter. While it will be interesting to see if Aadhya will discover Anupama is the cause of Shruti’s decision, potentially deepening her disdain for Anupama.

On a parallel track, Kinjal confronts Anupama, seeking clarity on Anuj's alleged marriage to Shruti. Anupamaa responds, emphasising Shruti's deep love for both Anuj and Adhya. However, Kinjal then questions her if Shruti’s love is more than her, to which Anupama has no answer as she feels Adhaya will never be happy with her and she wants her and Anuj's happiness only.