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  • The Mast Mast girl from Bollywood was almost lynched by a few women on Mumbai streets.
  • They accused her driver of hitting them and alleged that Raveena was drunk.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut who never deters from saying the truth is the first Bollywood celebrity to come forward and support Raveena Tandon . A day ago the actress was accused of hitting three pedestrians on Mumbai Street being in a drunken state. The accusations were found to be fake when the CCTV footage of the incidents showed that the driver of Raveena was taking the reverse with her car and in no way did any harm to anyone.

The Mast Mast girl from Bollywood was almost lynched by the women accusing her of hurting them and almost killing them. Taking to her official Insta platform, the Queen actress said that the entire incident was alarming and condemned the outbursts on the road. She even said that the people who created this fake drama must be reprimanded.

In her Instagram post, Kangana Ranaut penned, “What happened to Raveena Tandon ji is alarming; had there been 5-6 more people in the opposite group, she would have been lynched; we condemn such road rage outbursts; those people must be reprimanded. They must not get away with such violent and poisonous behaviour."

Kangana Instagram PostKangana Instagram Post

Elsewhere, even Mumbai Police official report says that during their investigation the cops found out that the car of the Bollywood actress never collided with anyone. It is very much opposite to what a man had said on social media that the driver of Raveena Tandon had hit his mother and even tried to assault her. This man had claimed that the incident occurred when he along with his mother, niece, and sister were walking near the house of the actor.

After the CCTV footage revealed that neither of the four pedestrians was hit by the car although it was very close to them, fans are demanding that Raveena Tandon take some action against them. Even Kangana Ranaut has voiced her opinion that such things should not be taken lightly and people involved in creating a fake incident should be punished.

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