Cassian Baliarsingh

Love or hate it, Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal’ has been wreaking havoc at the box office and is one of the most loved movies of 2023. The Sandeep Reddy Vanga directorial is achieving new heights every single day.

Despite criticism for being misogynistic and ruthless, fans have given thumbs up to the movie. The movie which released on December 1 has been running houseful in movie theatres for over two weeks now and is inching closer to Rs 500 crore mark in India.

As the movie is getting so much love, now fans cannot wait to see its sequel ‘Animal Park. The post-credit scene at the end of the movie, promised another blockbuster sequel to the movie which is termed to be more ruthless, violent, and darker than ‘Animal’.

Well, die-hard Ranbir Kapoor fans have already got the hint of what will happen in the sequel. Here are a few fan-made theories of the upcoming movie.

1.    What will happen to Ranbir Kapoor (Ranvijay Singh): Will Ranvijay Singh change? What will he do after his father’s death? Towards the end of the movie, it is shown that Anil Kapoor (father of Ranbir) has cancer and has only six months to live. So, what will happen to Ranbir who had turned violent for his father.
2.    Zoya links: In the first part, it is shown that Zoya, played by Triptii Dimri falls in love with Ranvijay Singh. However, he uses her to know the truth and sends her back to Aziz (Ranbir’s doppelganger). So, will Zoya keep giving more information about Aziz to Ranvijay or will she also ditch him.
3.    Second sister’s husband: While Ranbir Kapoor killed his elder sister’s husband, it was believed that his second sister’s husband will join Aziz to take revenge on Ranbir. This means Ranvijay has an enemy at his own hose. Will his second sister support her husband or her brother?
4.    Will Ranvijay die?: There is a scene in the movie where the Pandit tells Ranbir that his death is near. So, will Ranvijay be killed in the sequel. Will Aziz win the violence game?
5.    Who is old Ranbir?: The film begins with an old Ranbir telling his friends a story. However, it is not known if it is Ranvijay Singh or his brother Aziz (Zoya’s husband and a professional butcher). Many fans think that it is Aziz and Ranvijay has died. Fans suspect Aziz takes the place of Ranvijay after killing him and is just retelling the story of his brother to his friends.