Cassian Baliarsingh

Casting couch is one of the darkest realities of the entertainment industry. Several actresses and budding actors have gone through these harrowing experiences on the false promise of offers in movies and Television shows.

Recently, Television actress Sreejita De, popularly known for Bigg Boss 16 and Uttaran, recalled her horrifying experience when she was only 19 years old.

“I was offered a Bengali film when I was only 19. It was a remake of a Hindi movie. I was called for a meeting. My mom was in Kolkata so I went to the director’s office alone,” Sreejita recalled.

The director, despite being an elderly man began to touch Sreejita inappropriately. The actress recalled she did not like the way he touched her shoulders or the way he spoke. Even though she was very young, she knew about good touch and bad touch.

She revealed how disgusting it was for her the way the director looked at her.

“I just picked up my purse and ran out of his office,” Sreejita recalled. The actress admits feeling disgusted till date about her harrowing experience. She added that she never got carried away by such incidents as she has been strong.

She feels where there is good work, people will never approach you in the wrong way. She believes that there is no casting couch involved where there is good work.