Cassian Baliarsingh

A watchman at the prestigious Osmania University has landed two government jobs after studying at night. The 31-year-old watchman has been identified as Golle Praveen Kumar.

He has received an appointment letter for a teacher’s position and was also selected for the final list of Junior Lecturer (JL), the Times of India reported. Presently, he earns around Rs 9000 per month but with his appointments, he will earn around Rs 73000-83000 per month.

Speaking to TOI, Golle said, “I never felt like I was doing a job. I had a room, access to books, and time to study. And that’s all that mattered.” Golle had requested a night watchman job as he wanted time to focus on his studies.

Apart from studying at night at his job, he would take out time for studies during the day. While Golle’s father is a mason, his mother worked as a beedi worker in the Macherial district in Telangana.

Despite holding a B.Ed, M.Ed, and M.Com degree, Golle chose to work as a watchman only to find time for his studies and earn a meager wage for his daily needs. The inspiring story of Golle has become the talk of the town and university.