Cassian Baliarsingh

Remember Bommi and Raghu, everyone’s favourite elephant calves who featured in the Oscar-winning documentary ‘The Elephant Whisperers’? They are all grown up now and are leading a healthy lifestyle at the Mudumalai National Park in Tamil Nadu.

Recently, IAS Supriya Sahu visited the friendly pachyderms and spent some delightful moments with them. A video of Supriya feeding the elephants sugarcane has been going viral on social media.

Taking to her X handle, the IAS officer shared the wholesome video that has left animal lovers in awe. She also thanked all the dedicated caretakers at the Theppakadu Elephant camp where the elephants are growing quickly with much love and care.

“No trip is complete to Nilgiris without meeting Bommi and Raghu who are growing up fast at our Theppakadu elephant camp under the loving care of our committed Mahouts and Cavadys. Take your kids this summer to Mudumalai to meet these beautiful young elephants,” she tweeted.

The IAS officer also urged parents to take their kids to meet the beautiful young elephants during their summer vacation. Her post quickly went viral and garnered praises from wildlife enthusiasts.

“So heartwarming to watch this. Your motherly instincts seem to be flowing towards the two cuties. Raghu seems to know that his name is Raghu. Smart fellow,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Thank You Madam For Taking Us To Nilgiris & Getting Us To Meet Bommi And Raghu Through These Videos. Though Personally Would Visit Sometime, But Nevertheless These Post Bring Out The Real Commitment of Mahouts & Cavadys With Your Care, Guidance & Supervision. You Provoke Us 😃😃.”

“Awesome Supriya and team at the Forest Dept Nilgiris. Keep up the good work. Festive season these holidays for kids,” commented another user.