Cassian Baliarsingh

Interview process can be daunting. The interviewers have a bucket of all set questions for their candidates. Before the interviews, candidates search the web, and prepare the commonly asked questions.

However, this boss has found a unique way to interview his candidates. To test the integrity and loyalty of his candidates, this boss takes his candidates for a night out and gets them drunk to test their behaviour. 

The boss has taken social media by storm after one of his candidates shared his story on Reddit. Taking to Reddit, the candidate shared, “I interviewed with a company recently who told me about their process for interviewing sales engineers.”

“They would go about the normal interview, but that evening, they would all go out for drinks and try to pump the recruits full of alcohol. It was meant to be fun, but also a test of whether the person can either know their limits and politely decline, or hold their own after a lot of drinks. Drinking is a big part of sales and one has to prove their emotional strength,” he added.

The real test is to find if the candidates are able to maintain his/her polite behaviour after getting drunk. While some candidates passed the test, others were rejected after they got too drunk.