Vikash Sharma

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued an important notice regarding upgradation of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) to Senior Research Fellowship (SRF).

In its latest public notice, the UGC has asked Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to ensure the inclusion of external expert in the committee constituted for the up-gradation from JRF to SRF.

The UGC has also requested to refer to the clause 14 (ii) of UGC Junior Research Fellowship in Sciences, Humanities And Social Sciences, regarding procedure of up-gradation from JRF to SRF.

In its latest notice, UGC has highlighted, "On completion of first two years of award, the fellow may apply to the department/university concerned for the up-gradation of SRF.”

A three member committee will be constituted with a Supervisor, Head of the Department and External Subject Expert to evaluate the research work.

As per UGC, the minutes of the constitution of committee and recommendation of the committee for upgradation may be sent to University Grants Commission.

"Thereafter, the fellow will be upgraded and designated as SRF. The recommendation of the committee in the prescribed performa may be submitted to UGC designated agency. The approval from UGC for up-gradation is not mandatory,” the UGC notice read.