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What is the real definition of true friendship? Well, there are a lot of definitions about true friendship, but apart from anything, true friendship is battling all odds together and getting success together.

Yes, and these three friends have proved it rightly so. All three of them struggled together, battled all odds together and got success together. We are talking about three best friends, IPS Saad Miya Khan, IAS Vishal Mishra, and IAS Gaurav Vijayram Kumar.

No religion, social status, background or caste bar could separate them. The three lived, studied, struggled together and finally became administrative officers together. Isn’t that what true friendship means?

A resident of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, Saad Miya Khan met Vishal Mishra during their B. Tech at Harcourt Butler Technological University (HBTU), Kanpur. Later, both of them got admission to IIT Kanpur for M. Tech. Saad was the top-ranking person among the three friends.

After completing their M. Tech, Vishal and Saad decided to give UPSC a try and moved to Delhi for preparation. In Delhi, they met Gaurav who has completed his BE Hons in Mechanical Engineering from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh.

He later shifted to Delhi for his UPSC preparation where he met Vishal and Saad and thus begun their UPSC journey. All became three best friends and studied together.

However, the UPSC journey wasn’t as easy as they had thought. Saad appeared for UPSC Civil Services Exam for the first time in 2013. He had to face rejection four times until his hard work finally paid off in his fift attempt in 2017. He secured an impressive AIR-25, but chose IPS instead of IAS.

Similarly, Gaurav Vijayaram had to face three rejections until he secured AIR-34 in his fourth attempt, also in 2017. Unlike Saad, he preferred to become an IAS officer. Vishal Mishra also cracked UPSC in 2017 with AIR-49 and became an IAS officer.

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