Cassian Baliarsingh

Despite all the resources and facilities, UPSC is one such exam that many fail to clear. So, it is extremely inspiring when someone clears this toughest exam in India with zero resources and several financial difficulties.

The internet is filled with stories of poor farmer’s son/daughter or street vendor’s children clearing the UPSC. They overcame all the obstacles to reach the top and become IAS and IPS officers.

IAS Govind Jaiswal is one such example who cracked the Civil Services Exam. Jaiswal is someone who rose from nothing to become an IAS officer. Despite years of humiliation over financial constraints, Jaiswal proved that no obstacle could stop someone from achieving one's dream/passion.

Hailing from Varanasi, Govind’s father worked as a rickshaw puller. He would earn enough for the family to survive. However, situation turned worse for the family after Govind’s mother fell ill. He had to sell his rickshaw for her treatment.

 However, she could not be saved and passed away in 1995, according to DNA India. 

However, Jaiswal's father did not give up hope and decided to continue the study of his son. After completing his schooling and college, he decided to travel to Delhi to start his preparation for UPSC.

Despite financial constraints, his father never compromised on his son’s studies. He worked day and night to provide for his son’s education. His father’s struggle inspired Jaiswal to study day and night. 

Instead of thinking about giving multiple attempts, he made up his mind that he would crack UPSC on her first attempt as his father was the only bread earner in the family.

 His hard work finally paid off and he cracked the UPSC exam on his first attempt in 2006, and secured an impressive AIR-48 to become an IAS officer.