Cassian Baliarsingh

A young techie has caused a stir on Linkedln with a lighthearted post of hiring a wife for himself. The post has quickly gained attention and sparked debate online, with many finding it humorous while others offensive.

The Linkedln user Jitendra Singh took to his profile and shared how he was looking for a junior wife. He also added the requirements he was looking for in his ‘junior wife’. “I’m looking for a junior wife’ to join my life. Job Type: for the rest of the life,” he wrote.

In the requirements, he added, “Minimum of 2 years of experience in cooking, have the ability to wake up at night and make Spicy biryani for me, good communication skills, respectable and decent, obedient and loving, and finally goal-oriented (I will do all the work but she should understand what I am doing).”

“There would be 3 rounds of interviews, the final round face-to-face. Interested candidates can send their CVs inbox,” he further added.

Furthermore, he added that it was entry level and only zero experience (unmarried) was preferable. 

He also added a note and requested experienced candidates (wives) to not apply and added that he would conduct separate hiring for experienced candidates (indicating divorced).

As expected, his post went viral with wave of reactions from social media users. A user slammed him and wrote, “Get real. Apart from being so outdated (100 years?), a post like this will harm your job searches. Attitudes like this in your workplace, may get you sacked or the subject of a POSH complaint. Everyone who wonders why I don't see it as just funny, the reason is simple: it isn't.”

“What kind of post is this and how can linkedin allow this nonsense on a professional platform? This is not instagram or Facebook,” commented another user.

A third user wrote, “If this post comes then the platform will soon change to a corporate matrimonial site. As for finding a job, you will be getting your partner along with it...🤣🤣🤣 Nowadays both are difficult to get. 😛”