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Here are some applications which you can use to learn different languages.



I found Babble to be the most like a foreign  course you'd see in an online school curriculum. Its minimalistic layout prevents learning a foreign language from being overwhelming but does not make it boring at the same time. The lessons cover a variety of translations and include variations of the words and phrases, pictures, and formal or informal language, and if a phrase has to be spelt, the letters are included.

Further, you can hear the new words you're learning being used in common conversations, listen to them, repeat the phrases, and learn more about verb groups by watching them. With the My Activity module, you can keep track of all of your progress while working on your commute, before bed, or on your lunch break. It's simple to fit the 15-minute language classes into your schedule. 


Through videos of native speakers, the Memrise service gives users a taste of how a new language sounds. Additionally, it employs tried-and-true memory techniques to help you retain information faster, as well as has an algorithm that changes to fit your learning style and pace. For those who like to monitor their success with learning a new skill, it keeps track of the words you've mastered.


Another language learning app is Duolingo which helps you to learn languages in the format of a game. It keeps you motivated by sending you frequent reminders and rewards for progress. You will be guided through the lessons by the little owl mascot which suffers if you fail to follow through. The app also allows you to learn more than one language at the same time. Duolingo provides its users with resources like Duolingo Stories, which are short audio stories with comprehension questions embedded in them.


The Pimsleur app offers 51 languages to learn in an audio format but presents the information in the format of a podcast. The app allows you to select a language that you would like to learn and begin a 30-minute auditory lesson. Additionally, the app has a driving mode, so you can practise your lesson while driving and won't even have to take a look at the screen. 

These applications will enhance your skills in different languages and will make you the master of languages.