Mrunal Manmay Dash

The Matric Examination 2022 will commence from April 29 and will continue till May 7, informed the Board of Secondary Education (BSE) on Monday.

BSE president Ramasis Hazra said that the Summative Assessment 2 has been made mandatory for the students. “We have zeroed in on three types of processes to evaluate the papers and the highest mark from the three will be awarded to the examinee,” he said.

The exams for the BSE Summative -2 will be conducted in a single sitting on each exams day and will begin at 8 am and end at 10am. However, the examinations for the State Open School Certificate Examinations will be conducted in two sitting for three days from the total days of the exams. The second sitting will be from 11am till 1pm.

All the papers will bear a time limit of two hours to answer except for Mathematics, which will be of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Similarly, for Madhyama students, there will be double sittings for only two days and single sittings for the rest of the exam days.

There will be four different sets of question papers in each subject for class 10 students. Each paper, except the vocational trades and Third Language Visual Arts (TLV), will carry a maximum of 80 marks from which subjective questions will be of 30 marks and, objective questions, 50 marks.

While the objective type questions will be answered through OMR sheets, a question cum answer booklet will be provided to the examinees to answer the three subjective questions carrying 10 marks each.

far as the vocational trades are concerned, there is no provision of OMR sheets for objective type questions. Apart from the subjective questions of 30 marks, the examinees of vocational trades will have to appear for practical exams bearing 50 marks each, which will be conducted in their own schools under the supervision of the OSEPA. The practical exams will begin from April 2 and end on April 13.

The question papers will be different for regular and ex-regular students.


Four subjects; Sanskrit grammar and Philosophy, Sanskrit Literature, Applied Sanskrit and Odia will carry a maximum of 80 marks out of which 50 marks will be of objective type which will be answered through OMR sheets and 30 marks will be of subjective type to be answered on question cum answer booklets.

Time limit for these four subjects will be two hours.

Other subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English will carry a maximum of 60 marks from which 30 marks will be of multiple choice, and for other 30 marks, the examinees will have to answer subjective questions.

time limit for the above subjects will be 90 minutes except for Mathematics, which will be conducted for 105 minutes.

There will be a single set question paper for Madhyama exams.

Odisha State Open School Certificate Examination (OSOSC)

Barring Home Science and Painting, all other subjects under OSOSC will be conducted for two hours each. Time limit for Mathematics paper has been set at two hours and 15 minutes.

In Home Science, the theory paper will carry 65 mark and the practical paper, 15 marks.

Similarly in Painting, the theory will carry 20 a maximum of marks

And 60 marks for practical.

The Odia paper for fresh and back year students will be different in the OSOSC.

Apart from that, the Summative -2 examinations for the class-9 students will begin from April 13.