Mrunal Manmay Dash

The Odisha Higher Education Department on Friday issued guidelines for PG SPOT selection and Admission under SAMS.

The department issued a letter in this connection to all the public Universities under the State Higher Education department and all colleges with PG teaching facility under the department.

As per the letter, the following categories of candidates are eligible to apply:

a) Candidates who were previously selected & taken admission and/ or previously selected & not taken admission in 1st & 2nd selection.

b) Candidates who have appeared CPET -2021, but not selected in 1st & 2nd Selection.

c) Candidates who have appeared CPET-2021, but not uploaded the graduation mark for some reasons within the stipulated time.

d) Candidates who have appeared CPET-2021, but not exercised the choice of preferences within the stipulated timeline.

2. Candidates are advised to go through the University/College wise vacant seat and cut-off mark details at SAMS website before making any selection of options (University/Colleges + PG Admission Subject) for admission.

3. Candidate has to provide fresh option (s) for the institutions, where s/he wants to take admission in order of preference with limit to 03 options only.

S/he can apply for the subject (s), in which s/he had appeared the entrance examination (CPET-20211. Options entered earlier in the CAF will not be considered for SPOT selection process. Subject wise eligibility criteria will remain intact as per the common prospect.

4. Candidate has to submit the photocopy of the CAF along with other

certificates, mark sheets from matriculation to Degree and certificates claiming reservation & weightage, if any at the institution. ln the case of no submission of photocopy of the CAF & other relevant documents, s/he will not be considered for SPOT admission.

5. Universities/Colleges are required to maintain a register as per the format to receive the appllicants CAF physically at their level. Before entering details of the applicant coming for submission of CAF and relevant documents in the register, it is requested to verify whether the applicant's name is in the list provided to the respective University/College in their e-Space and documents thoroughly as well.

7. There is no need to deposit the CAF fees. Any type of differential amount relating to CAF fees will be collected during online deposit of admission fees.

8. Reservation and weightage system will continue.

9. Selection will be done on merit (Career Mark + CPET Mark) only & weightage, if any.

l0.Candidate's selection list will be prepared at university/college level. After selection of candidate, university/college will update the student list in the website. After updation, the candidate can view the payment details at their login and pay the fee to download the intimation letter.

11. There will not be any slide up option for SPOT selection. Once intimation is generated, candidate can neither be allowed to remain in the previous option nor change to another option and other options will be closed for the candidate.

l2. Candidate's admission will be updated at selected University/College level as per the previous selection process.

13.1n addition to the merit list as per the existing vacancy, other candidates will also be placed in the waiting list. In case the candidates do not turn up for admission within the stipulated timeline, after a gap of two days, Universities/Colleges can publish the selection list out of the waiting list candidates on category basis and complete their admission process.

14. In the absence of the eligible candidates in a category, Universities/Colteges can de-reserve the remaining seat of that category and fill the vacancy from the general candidate's pool.

15.For the candidates, who will take admission in SPOT Selection, Transfer Certificate will be issued automatically online after successful payment of admission fees. The candidates, who have already joined in one college & got selected in SPOT, will pay the differential amount.

16. In spot selection, the state-wide merit list published earlier for CPET-2021 will not be taken for consideration.