Pradeep Pattanayak

The government’s decision to conduct OCS examinations in Odia has been a cause of exaltation and worry for aspirants. 

The aspirants are happy because the obstacle of English language has been done away with and worried because confusion regarding the availability of study materials in Odia language is still there. 

The government had taken the decision to conduct the OCS examinations also in Odia language in the last cabinet meeting. The aspirants will give the Prelims, Mains and Interviews in Odia language. Question papers will be in English as well as Odia languages. 

The aspirants have since been excited. At the same time, they are a confused lot. Their confusion is related to the availability of study materials in Odia language. 

As of now, the market is devoid of Odia study materials. Similarly, the government has also not prepared any coaching book. 
While the aspirants are in a real dilemma, educationists are of the opinion that it would be a big challenge for the government to provide study materials in Odia. 

“For students from Physics, Chemistry or Engineering backgrounds, it would be difficult to get study materials. Hence, the government should focus on providing study materials,” observed Bibhuti Bhushan Mohapatra, an OAS aspirant. 

According to educationist Pramod Padhi, it would be a big challenge to provide study materials in Odia Language immediately so students are sure to face problems. 

Meanwhile, the Institute of Odia Studies and Research (IOSR) has started working on getting around the Odia study materials problem. The IOSR has experience of preparing Odia study materials for Engineering and IAS examinations. The institute said it would prepare the Odia study materials for OCS provided that it is permitted to do so. 

“If the government and aspirants wish, we would immediately provide coaching and provide the aspirants with study materials. For the distant aspirants, we would send them by post. We are also capable of providing online coaching,” said IOSR vice chairperson Sipra Mallik.