Cassian Baliarsingh

As human beings, we tend to give up easily after facing failure or rejection. However, there are a few people who have great patience and never stop trying until they achieve their dreams. One such glaring example of consistency and sheer willpower is IAS Ramya CS.

The outstanding IAS officer from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu had to face failures five times. However, her dream of becoming an IAS officer helped her continue to strive for her passion. Her hard work paid off and she secured an impressive AIR-46 to finally become an IAS officer.

Sole child of R Muthulakshmi and R Chandrasekhar, Ramya grew up in Coimbatore’s Ramnagar Kattoor, DNA India reported. As a child, she attended the local school and then went on to pursue her undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Enginering (EEE) from Coimbatore Institute of Technology.

A brilliant mind since her school days, she then went on to pursue her MBA through IGNOU. However, tragedy struck the family when her father passed away, leaving her with all the family responsibilities. 

After completing her MBA, she got a job in Bengaluru and worked for an instrumentation company. But, she knew UPSC CSE was her calling. After much thought, she finally quit job and started her UPSC preparation journey. 

However, her UPSC journey wasn’t as easy as she had thought. She had to face five failed attempts and could not even clear the Prelims. To support her family, during her preparation days, she even worked as a data entry operator. 

Despite all the obstacles and challenges, she was determined to achieve her dreams and continued her preparation with more will power and dedication. Finally, her hard work paid off and she secured an impressive AIR-46 to become an IAS officer.