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It takes years of dedication, hard work and patience to crack the prestigious Civil Services Exam (CSE) conducted by UPSC. However, IAS Mamta Yadav cracked India’s toughest exam, not once but twice. Yes, you read that right! The brilliant mind hailing from a tiny village of Basai in Haryana overcame all odds to become an IAS officer. 

Hailing from a below poverty family, Mamta’s mother is a homemaker while her father was employed in a private company. As she grew up, her only wish was to improve her family’s financial status and give the best life to her parents.

After graduating from Balwant Rai Mehta School in Greater Kailash, Delhi, she got accepted to the Hindu College of Delhi University. After her graduation from college, she was offered a job, but Mamta decided to forego it in order to fulfill her UPSC dream, NavBharat Times reported.

With all her heart and mind, Mamta focused on her studies continuously for eight to ten hours every day. As the exam approached, she would study for ten to twelve hours each day. 

All her hard work paid off and she secured AIR-556 in her first attempt in 2019. However, Mamta wasn’t too happy with her rank and decided to give it another try in 2020. This time, she jumped straight from AIR-556 to AIR-05 and proved that nothing is impossible.

“There is no goal that you cannot achieve. You only need to work hard in the right direction,” Mamta said when asked about her secret to success.

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