Cassian Baliarsingh

Every year, reports of students graduating from esteemed IITs with annual Rs 1 to Rs 2 crore packages make headlines. Top CEOs from the country are mostly from IITs.

However, how true are the reports of IIT passouts getting Rs 1-2 crore? Recently, a former IIT-Roorkee alumni and IFS officer Gaurav Garg busted the reports and shared information about the ‘real situation of placement at IIT’ on social media.

IFS officer Gaurav Garg took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and shared insightful thoughts, giving a reality check on the placement settings at IITs.

Gaurav wrote, “More often than not, we hear about students at #IITs getting #salary in Crores. What is the real situation of placement at #IIT?” 

He wrote four points and clarified the truth about the packages in IITs:

1. Fresh IITians get a salary of around Rs 6 lakh to Rs 35 lakh. With higher packages offered to CSE, ECE graduates invariably. 

2. Figures of Crores to @iitbombay/@iitdelhi/@iitmadras/@IITKanpur and other #IIT students are mostly from USA/Singapore/abroad based companies and in coding domains. Example - Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

3. The salary packages include the ESOPs, Leave Encashment, Staggered payments in 4-5 years etc. Sometimes the in-hand salary is only 40-50% of CTC quoted.

4. Average Salary package offered (except computer science ) is 10-12 Lacs per annum with core branches like Mechanical, Civil engineering getting placed on the lower side.