Cassian Baliarsingh

We often bemoan our fate if we face failures in our lives despite having all the resources. However, IAS Sreenath K, who worked as a coolie at railway stations, cracked India’s toughest exam, without any resources.

Without reading any expensive books, he cracked the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE). All he needed to become an IAS officer was the free WiFi at the railway station where he worked. He did not have the money to attend coaching and buy expensive books, but his sheer determination and willpower helped him fulfill his IAS dream.

Sreenath has proved that one only needs passion to be successful in life. Sreenath never rued his bad luck or being born poor, he accepted whatever came on the way of his life and kept moving towards his goal.

According to Jagran Josh, A native of Munnar in Kerala, Sreenath worked as a coolie in Ernakulam. Being the sole bread winner for the family, he worked double shifts and earned only Rs 400-500 per day. But, he didn’t give up and waited for the right opportunity.

Sreenath always wanted to become a government servant. He started his preparations but didn’t have enough money to buy study materials. Lucky for him, the Indian government offered free WiFi at Mumbai Central Railway Station in 2016.

So, Sreenath decided to move to Mumbai and use the free WiFi for his studies while he carried bags of passengers. Unable to afford coaching and buying expensive study materials, Sreenath made proper use of smartphones to hear lectures online while carrying bags at the station.

With his hard work, he was able to crack the Kerala Public Service Exam (KPSC). However, he had bigger dreams and wanted to become an IAS officer. He continued his struggle and had to face failures in his first three attempts.

However, he continued to work hard and his hard work paid off well in his 4th attempt. He secured an impressive All India Rank to become an IAS officer.