Pradeep Pattanayak

Despite various corrective measures, the annual Matric examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education (BSE) always comes with controversies and flaws in tow. The ongoing examination is no different either. 

Yesterday, there were questions of Set–A in Set-B of Social Science. The Board of Secondary Education also admitted the fault, clarifying that it is a printing mistake and justice will be awarded to the students at the time of evaluation. 

Meanwhile, the educationists have cried for more reformation in the system. On the other hand, the Parents’ Association demanded action against the officers entrusted with the job of question preparation. 

“Summative-1 questions are on YouTube which is not the case with the CBSE. So they (the Board) are claiming that they are following the CBSE. But it is not true. Due to the lack of willpower on the part of the government, the Board is passing through such a situation,” said Kamalaprasad Mohapatra, an educationist.

Expressing concern, Krushnachandra Pati, president of the Utkal Parents’ Association, said, “How the students who labored hard will get justice? What did the persons entrusted with the job of rechecking question papers do? It means they are not checking question papers properly. If no step against the responsible persons is taken, the system of conducting examination should be abolished.”

Matric question papers going viral seems to have become a trend. It has been occurring since 2017-18. The Board has taken so many steps to check it, but to no avail. 

School and Mass Education Minister Samir Ranjan Dash said the Board has been directed to conduct error-free examinations.

“As lakhs of question papers have been prepared, the occurrence of printing mistakes can’t be avoided. We are taking steps to see such incidents shouldn’t repeat in the future. Students shouldn’t worry and appear for the one paper left. The matter will be addressed at the time of evaluation,” said Dash.