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The mass adoption of the Internet into everyday life has brought significant change in many industries. They have inclined more toward digital services, leaving marketers with no choice but to follow the trend. Thus, the concept of ‘Digital Marketing'.

It has grown tremendously over the past few years and has not only helped businesses focus on their target audiences but has also brought high revenue with little investment. With such benefits on offer along with easy control and easy-to-monitor ability, it is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after Careers.

In India, the demand for digital marketing experts got a big boost as the country experienced rapid growth in Internet users. As per the data, the country had 658 million internet users as of January 2022. This number is indicative of the fact that promoting businesses online will increase the demand for the product. And to make this happen, digital marketing experts are needed.

Why choose Digital Marketing as a career

Having plenty of room for techs, creatives and businesses, digital marketing offers several avenues for you to follow.  Moreover, as the field is ever-changing and engaging, there is always something new to learn.  Beyond this, there are many more reasons that make digital marketing the latest ‘in-demand’ career.

  • Versatility: If you choose a career in digital marketing, you can build on existing skills while still learning new ones and you can do it while being in the same field. The field offers plenty of choices and learning opportunities, where different skills fit together in different ways.
  • Space for creativity: Be it writing, design, audio or video production, there are plenty of opportunities in digital marketing that require a creative bent of mind. Thinking of new ways to market products, solve problems, and engage audiences also require you to be creative.
  • High-paying jobs: Digital marketing has some of the high-paying jobs on offer like that of SEO Specialist, Social Media Marketer, Digital Analyst, and many more. As the experience increases, you’ll be able to bid higher and higher.
  • Get trained at your own pace: You can start by taking an online course, building a blog or website or work on your own social media. By way of doing so, you can build a strong portfolio that too from the comfort of your home. For many jobs in Digital marketing, you don’t even have to spend thousands of hours and money for a classroom teaching – you can build your skills and get training in a way that suits your lifestyle.

As the future is digital, a career in digital marketing is undoubtedly filled with a wide range of opportunities and prospects for growth, making it the latest ‘in demand’ career.

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