Pradeep Pattanayak

Examinations are not just about scores or grades, but also about fighting all odds to come out with flying colours with strong determination and perseverance. The recently announced Odisha BSE examination results have brought to the fore many heart-warming stories that prove it. 

Subhalaxmi Dhal, daughter of Rebati Dhal and late Ramchandra Dhal of Ratapat village under Badamba block of Cuttack district has secured 94.67 percent in the Matric examinations. The family as well as the villagers is celebrating not because of the feat she has achieved but because of her bringing home the bacon despite hurdles. 

After the death of her father, the entire responsibility of running the family fell on the shoulders of her mother Rebati. Bringing up the two children was a top-of-mind priority for Rebati. She stepped out of the four walls of the house and worked as a bidi labourer. On most days, the trio had to sleep without food. 

Despite all odds, Rebati had a dream to educate her children. And her daughter Subhalaxmi didn’t let her down. As she was well aware that her mother couldn’t afford private tuition fees, she kept herself motivated and studied hard, burning the midnight oil. 

Her mother’s willpower, her own determination and perseverance finally bore fruit and Subhalaxmi passed the Matric examinations securing 94.67 percent. 

She has been dreaming to be a doctor. But now she fears her dream mayn’t be fulfilled, thanks to the utter poverty. 

“My father has been dead for four years now. We are living in abject poverty. All the family members work as bidi labourers to keep the pot boiling. In such a situation how can I pursue my higher education? So I request the government to help me financially so that I can fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor,” said Subhalaxmi. 

“She wants to be a doctor. But ours is a poor family. It is difficult on my part to meet the expenses of medical education. But with the government's help, her dream can be fulfilled,” said Rebati, Subhalaxmi’s mother. 

The success story of another girl, Subhalaxmi Behera, daughter of Gayadhar Behera and Gitanjali Behera of Bachhipur in Bhadrak district will tug at your heartstrings. 

The crumbling mud house where the family lives is enough to speak about the poverty the family is struggling in. To meet the family expenses, Subhalaxmi’s father has gone out of the State as a migrant labourer. 

But she never let her family’s poor financial conditions cast a shadow on her determination of doing well in the Matric examination. She has brought glory to her family and village by securing 570 marks. 

“Excluding my school and tuition hours, I used to study for seven to eight hours. My target is to prepare for NEET after Plus II Science,” said Subhalaxmi.  

“Because of financial problems, I couldn’t send her to private tuition classes. She would get her doubts cleared by her brother. I would like to request the government to provide some financial assistance to us so that she can fulfill her dream,” said Geetanjali, Subhalaxmi’s mother. 

Both Subhalaxmi Dhal and Subhalaxmi Behera have proved one thing: Where there is a will there is a way.

  • Reported by:
  • Suryadoya Biswal , SARBESWAR SWAIN