Poonam Singh

The UPSC examination, renowned for its formidable challenges, draws in lakhs of aspirants annually, all vying for the coveted title of IAS officer. In this fiercely competitive landscape, Ankita Chaudhary's narrative emerges as a source of inspiration, showcasing unwavering determination, resilience, and eventual triumph over adversity.

Hailing from Meham, a district in Rohtak, Haryana, Ankita Chaudhary's roots lie in a modest, lower-middle-class household, as per a DNA report. 

Her father, Satyavan, diligently serving as an accountant at a sugar factory, provided the foundation for Ankita's pursuit of academic excellence. From her early years, Ankita harboured ambitions of independence and self-sufficiency.

Ankita's educational journey took her through Rohtak's Indus Public School, culminating in her graduation in Chemistry from Hindu College, Delhi University. It was during this academic phase that Ankita crystallized her decision to undertake the UPSC exam. Following her graduation, she embarked on post-graduation studies, simultaneously gearing up for the rigorous UPSC preparation. Her academic pursuits eventually led her to complete a master's degree from IIT Delhi.

The initial attempt at the Civil Services examination in 2017 proved to be a setback for Ankita. Undeterred, she turned this disappointment into a learning experience, fortifying her resolve to secure a government position. Amidst her preparations, tragedy struck with the sudden loss of her mother in a tragic accident, leading to a period of emotional turbulence.

In the face of personal tragedy, Ankita found strength in her father, Satyavan, who became a beacon of inspiration and encouragement. Motivated to forge ahead in life, Ankita's spirit was rejuvenated, and she channelled her grief into renewed determination.

In 2018, Ankita Chaudhary, fueled by resilience and guided by her father's unwavering support, undertook the UPSC examination once again. Her dedicated efforts culminated in a remarkable achievement – securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 14 and realizing her dream of becoming an IAS officer.