Cassian Baliarsingh

In a scene straight out of a horror movie, at least 65 women, all former students of a particular college, have reportedly received ‘used condoms’ in their mail along with handwritten graphic messages, the BBC reported. The victims have been receiving multiple letters all with used condoms enclosed for the last two months.

The letter contains threatening and sexualised messages, the report said.  The bizarre incident has been reported from women living across south-eastern and eastern Melbourne in Australia. Based on complaints by the victims, police have registered a case and launched an investigation.

Interestingly, all the victims are linked and went to the same college, an independent Catholic school for girls.

“All the women who have come forward attended Kilbreda College, a private girls’ school, in 1999,” police said.

The cops have collected the parcel received by the victims and are currently carrying out DNA and handwriting analysis to track down the perpetrator. 

It is suspected that the perpetrator got the addresses of the women from a yearbook they had written while they were students at the college.

Speaking to the media, Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Grant Lewis said, “You need to stop this and we’ll find you soon.”

“We don’t know what the connection to the school is. It might be an ex-student, an employee… it could be someone who found this yearbook and is currently playing a game,” the police said.

The principal of the college has requested the victims to come forward to the police.