Suryakant Jena

Teams of Excise department and police conducted a raid on a two-storied building at Viruda village in Athagarh area on Saturday and the scene they unraveled simply blew their mind away.

The teams were left awestruck when they discovered thousands of litres of country liquor and fermented alcohol (pocha) stashed inside the house. 

Infact every nook and corner of the house, be it the dressing room, living space, staircase, toilets boasted barrels of liquor. A nearby thatched hut and a large pit dug outside the house were also used as safe storehouse of the liquor.

Police broke open one after the another barrel of country liquor and gradually the amount of alcohol spilled inside the house was seen flooding ankle-deep.

While the Excise team later destroyed the entire stock of liquor, despite the welcoming action against the illegal sale of spurious alcohol, police failed to arrest anyone in connection with the case as all members of the house had absconded anticipating the raid.