A cyber stalker was arrested by Delhi Police for allegedly harassing his former female friend by creating a fake account of her father on Instagram and sending obscene messages to her relatives, officials said on Sunday.

Both were in a relationship earlier, and due to some reason broke up.

M. Harsha Vardhan, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) said that the accused was identified as Vivek (21).

A mobile phone used in the commission of crime was recovered from him.

The police said that the victim lodged an FIR regarding cyber harassment by unknown persons.

She said in her complaint that someone had created an Instagram account in her father's name, was using the pictures and also was sending vulgar messages to her and her relatives. The police lodged an FIR under section 67 of IT Act and started the probe.

"On the basis of technical surveillance and analysis of fake Instagram ID, IPDR/mobile number it was revealed that the mobile number used in creation of fake Instagram belonged to one Vivek, a resident of Najafgarh. Our investigation established that Vivek had created a fake Instagram ID and had been sending vulgar and obscene messages to the complainant," the police said.

The police said that the accused joined the investigation and during the investigation it came to notice that earlier the complainant and the accused were in a relationship for the last four years. Due to some reasons the relationship broke up.

"In order to take revenge and defame the complainant, he created a fake Instagram profile and started sending obscene messages. Vivek was placed under arrest," said the police.

Further investigation in the matter is on.